Activities Fair

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Registration will close Friday, January 24th, at 12:00 PM

The Activities Fair is an event held at the beginning of each semester in the Student Union Building. The event is an opportunity for students to meet with student organizations and members of the community and find out about the many resources and organizations available to the Truman Community. Organizations are sorted by category within the building. The Activities Fair is an excellent way for both new and returning students to find ways to get involved and is a great way for student organizations to get their information to the campus community. Registration is done on a first come first serve basis with on-campus affiliates given first priority.

For more information contact Union And Involvement Services in SUB 2000 at (660) 785-4222 or by email at

In order for your organization to participate in the Activities Fair, it must be chartered and in "good-standing" status as well as have paid any unpaid balances with the Union and Involvement Services. If you have any questions on your organization's status, please stop by the Union and Involvement Services office during our hours.

Some table reminders:

  • Bringing food or drinks to distribute is not permitted. However, small, promotional candy is allowed.
  • Electricity will not be provided for your table.
  • Sound on devices is permitted at an acceptable level that will not disturb those around you.
  • Be cautious of giveaways that may compete with items being sold in the bookstore.
  • As always, it will be two groups to a table.

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