Hearing Information


      • Hearings will be evaluated using a rubric. Please note, final decisions are based on both the committee’s recommendation and the rubric.
      • The prospective organization will meet with the New Organization Committee further discuss the group. 
      • The New Student Organization Committee will consist of the Organizational Development team, U&I Program Advisor for Organizational Engagement and Leadership, one member of Student Government, one member of the Funds Allotment Council, and one student at large.
        • The U&I Program Advisor for Organizational Engagement and Leadership and the organization advisor will serve as ex-official members.  
        • Committee members must disclose any affiliation to the potential group to the U&I Program Advisor for Organizational Engagement and Leadership.
        • Hearings will be scored using the linked rubric.
        • If a member of the Organizational Development Team applies to start a new organization, a U&I staff member will serve in the place on the committee
      • Hearings are recorded and kept on a secure server. Copies of recordings are available upon request. 
      • Potential organization members should be prepared to talk about several different topics including, but not limited to: the group’s unique purpose, group sustainability, financial sustainability, risk management, facility usage, etc.  
        • When discussing risk management, please be prepared to address the five categories of risk as they apply to the proposed organization. Information on the five categories of risk can be found on the U&I website.
      • Potential advisors are strongly encouraged to attend as the hearing will consist of questions specifically for them. Accommodations can be made for those who cannot be physically present

Receive Hearing Decision

  •  The New Student Organization Committee will decide if the prospective group will be a sustainable and productive organization
  • If Yes: The group will be issued a Chartering Packet and designated an Organizational Development liaison.
  • If No: The group will be notified and encouraged to reevaluate the specifics of their organization.
  • Please note that if the proposed organization receives a denial, members must wait until the next semester to reapply to the new student organization process.
  • If the proposed organization receives two consecutive denials from Union and Involvement Services, the organization will not be permitted to reapply for one year.