We Are Hiring!

We currently have open positions for Building Maintenance and Assessment and Development Specialist

The Teams:

Events Team: Members of this team focus on event facilitation for the Student Union Building. Several members comprise this team and work on projects such as Homecoming, Canvas Painting, and Live in the Living Room events.

Organizational Development Team: Members of this team oversee the student organization registration process which includes: performing regular updates to CSI databases, completing follow-up correspondences, and maintaining adequate records. Student staff will assist with the planning and execution of the LRP Banquet and the implementation and evaluation of organization and advisor related programming (Activities Fair, Recognition Days, etc). Additionally, members oversee the chartering process for new organizations

The following teams are also hiring during the Fall 2018 semester. These positions require specialty applications and are listed separately.

Building Maintenance Team: Members of this team focus on the maintenance and upkeep of the Student Union Building. Student workers focus on promoting the optimal client experience by keeping spaces clean, arranging/setting up rooms, and assisting with facility needs in the Student Union.

Conferences and Events: Members of this team facilitate external events (conferences, camps, meetings, receptions, reunions, etc). held at Truman for organizations or individuals (clients) that are NOT affiliated with Truman State University. Student workers develop contracts, perform event management and charge clients for our services.

Equipment Manager: Student staff are members of the Management Team. The equipment manager(s) will maintain and update a reservation system for all the equipment available for rent from the CSI/SUB. Student workers maintain equipment and its storage and are in charge of monitoring campus for posters advertising past events or posters not approved by the CSI/SUB.

Assessment and Development Specialist: Student staff are members of the Management team. This position is responsible for the research and assessment of CSI/SUB services and programs. It will also help coordinate opportunities for feedback in all areas in order to increase customer satisfaction and office efficiency.