During the Spring 2017 semester, the CSI will be hiring for positions on all our various teams. These teams include:

Events: Members of this team focus on event facilitation for the Student Union Building. Several members comprise this team and work on projects such as Homecoming, Canvas Painting, and Fireside Friday events.

Outreach Services: Members of this team focus on the marketing and promotion of the office’s external brand and events. These duties include marketing, design, web development, and art management with the purpose of furthering the development of the office.

External Client Management: Members of this team work with those outside the Truman community to utilize the resources and space Truman’s campus has to offer. Student workers will provide direct client services (similar to internal client management) with a focus on promotion to outside campus clients.

Internal Client Management: Members of this team will work with Truman’s students, faculty, and staff to reserve campus spaces. Other tasks of this team include providing direct client services, one-on- one client meetings for client events and reservations, and collection client feedback.

Building Maintenance: Members of this team focus on the maintenance and upkeep of the Student Union Building. Student workers focus on promoting the optimal client experience by keeping spaces clean, arranging rooms, and assisting with technology on a daily basis.

Greek Staff: Members of this team are responsible for the planning and implementation of various Greek Life programming events. This team is also responsible for positively representing Truman’s Greek Life through promotion and university recruitment events such as Visit Days.

Office Management: Members on this team will work on several tasks dedicated to the daily operations of the office. These tasks include budget and billing of on campus groups, office equipment management, and research and development.

Organizational Development: Members of this team work with organizations on campus to maintain organization compliance based on university standards. Other duties for this team include facilitating the Activities Fair, the Leadership Recognition Program, and overseeing the charting process for new organizations.

Technology: Members of this team assist with the upkeep and use of the technology in the Student Union Building. Their primary duties include client support with technology, technology maintenance, and training other SUB staff on the proper use of the technology in the building.


Hiring Timeline:

January – Applications open for Special Events Programmer position and Student Accounting Intern

January – Applications open for Web Development, Research and Development

February – Applications open for Technology, Graphic Design, and Marketing positions

February – Applications open for Main Office staff positions

March – Applications open for Greek Life positions

March – Application deadline for Graphic Design, Marketing, and Technology positions

March – Application deadline for Greek Life positions

Late Spring – Applications open for anticipated Building Maintenance positions

If a deadline is not listed for the position that interests you, it is most likely because the position is either already closed or still open with no cutoff date yet determined for applications.

All available positions will be listed on TruPositions, please go and check out the CSI job postings! Also be aware that jobs will be posted throughout the semester, so check back periodically of you don’t see an job that interests you at this time.