Liaison Meeting

  • The approved group will be assigned a liaison from the Organizational Development Team. Liaisons will contact organization leaders to schedule a meeting to discuss the Chartering Packet and the process toward a Full Charter.
  • The prospective organization will be asked to complete all components of the chartering packet with which the liaison will help guide them through.
  • Once a prospective organization is given chartering paperwork, the students will be expected to work with the liaison to meet particular deadlines.
  • The Deadlines for the Chartering Packet, Constitution and all other relevant chartering documents will be outlined by the liaison at the first meeting. The organization will have approximately three weeks to complete the Chartering Packet. 
  • Upon submission, the chartering organization’s liaison and Program Advisor for Organizational Engagement and Leadership will review the constitution draft(s). Any suggested changes will be passed along to the students and they will be expected to make appropriate revisions.
  • Once a constitution has been approved by the liaison and U&I Program Advisor for Organizational Engagement and Leadership, the prospective organization’s paperwork will be passed along to the Director of Student Union and Campus Activities for a Provisional Charter.
  • Under provisional status, the organization will have all privileges of a chartered student organization, excluding the right to apply for FAC funding.
  • Provisional status lasts for at least 16 weeks from the date of the signed Provisional charter. During this time, liaisons will be checking in with organizations to ensure activities correspond to constitution and founding mission. Organization should also be checking in with their liaisons and sending them updates on their activity. Organization status will be reassessed at the end of the 16 weeks to determine eligibility for full charter or if an extension of the provisional period is necessary. 

* Prospective organizations that fail to meet the Chartering Packet Requirements and associated deadlines may invalidate their eligibility to charter. Groups that fail to meet the Chartering Requirements and associated deadlines will be eligible to reapply one full year after the initial application. 

Full Charter

  • The organization will meet with their liaison and the Program Advisor for Organizational Engagement and Leadership to demonstrate that they were and will continue to be, a productive and sustainable organization on campus.
  • If the group is able to demonstrate the necessary requirements it will be recommended for full charter. 
  • If the group has not been able to complete the necessary requirements, it will not be recommended for a full charter. The Program Advisor and liaison will assess organizational activities and decide whether the group will benefit from an extension of the Provisional period or removal from the chartering process. 
  • Full chartering rights will be granted to the organization upon approval from the Vice President of Student Affairs.