Questions to Consider Before Chartering

Here are some questions to think about before signing up:

  • How committed am I to starting and maintaining an organization?
      • Do I have the time and energy to start and maintain an organization (i.e. publicity, finances, group dynamics, and recruitment)?
  • How does this group enhance the life and learning of our campus
  • What do I want the organization to do? What would the mission/purpose of the group be?
  • Would this organization be affiliated with a national organization/chapter and if so would we be able to meet their minimum operation requirements consistently?
  • Is there already a group on campus that I can join that accomplishes my goals? (check our list)
  • If there isn’t an organization, what would be required to foster the growth and purpose of this organization?
  • How would we garner the necessary resources to support these activities?
  • Why would Truman students want to be part of this organization?
  • Have I considered and planned for the five types of risk (physical, emotional, financial, reputational, facility) that my organization would encounter or create?