Meet The Staff

Laura Bates
Director of the Student Union and Campus Activities

  • Oversees all services provided by the Center for Student Involvement and Student Union
  • Advisor to the Student Government
  • Facilitator for the Student Management Team
  • Provides support to students and organizations
  • Resource person for all Student Involvement programs, resources and services
  • Educational background: B.S. in Business Administration from Meredith College; M.A. in College Student Development from Appalachian State University

Adam McMichael
Program Advisor for Campus Activities

  • Responsible for leadership and event management (contractual services, event planning, publicity, etc.)
  • Facilitator for the Events and Outreach Team which coordinates traditional programming such as Gingerbread House, Fireside Fridays and other pop up events
  • Facilitator for the Student Union Technology Team
  • Advisor for Student Activities Board and Homecoming Committee
  • Resource person for all Student Involvement programs, resources and services
  • Educational background:  B.F.A. in Visual Communications from Truman State University; Candidate for M.A. in Leadership from Truman State University

Damon Pee
Program Advisor for Organizational Engagement and Leadership

  • Responsible for oversight, compliance, and development of approximately 240 student organizations including the Greek Life community
  • Serves as primary Greek Advisor
  • Serves as staff facilitator/supervisor for the student Organizational Development Team and the Greek Life student staff.
  • Advisor for the Funds Allotment Council
  • Resource person for all student Involvement programs, resources and services
  • Educational background: B.A. in Integrated Social Studies from the University of Akron; M.A. in Higher Education Administration from University of Akron

Student Staff
All student workers at the CSI Office

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The Center for Student Involvement reports directly to the Student Affairs Office. For more information about Student Affairs, please visit the Student Affairs website