Starting a New Student Organization

Interested in starting a new organization?

Truman State currently has 200+ recognized student organizations that create unique learning, leadership, and social experiences while supporting the mission and goals of the university. We are a relatively small campus with limited space and resources so it is not possible to support every great idea. We highly value collaboration and have a commitment to maintaining and strengthening existing student groups. New organizations should look to enhance the life and learning of our student population. Applicants should review current offerings to ensure overlap does not currently exist. Below is the process to start a new organization. 

  • Meet Application Criteria→ Apply for a Charter→ Schedule a Hearing→ Receive Hearing Decision→ Meet with Liaison→Provisional Charter→ Meet with Liaison→ Full Charter

New Student Organization Applications will be reviewed at the end of each month. For the 2019-2020 academic year, chartering applications will be open September 30 to November 1 and January 13 to March 31. Any application received after the November 1 deadline will be reviewed during the first Spring chartering period. Due to the timing of the semester, any application submitted after the March 31 deadline will be reviewed during the first Fall chartering period. 

To see if a group with similar interests already exists, click here.